What’s your Argument?

Arguments. What is the real point of one? Is it your obsession with keeping the cap on the toothpaste or the bottled up emotion that has forced you to erupt like a volcano? Is it your statement for proving a belief right or wrong? What is it?

As a professional in the business world, they harp on making sure your argument is on point, your facts are in place and you’ve fully laid out your stance on a position. However, how does this relate to us as regular, everyday people?

What about lover’s spats, the decision of a jury or an internal fight with yourself? Have you ever stopped and asked yourself what is my argument? What is my stance, what is my true point? (Please bare with all of the question marks but this is really a matter of question)

Let’s take a lover’s spat for example because anyone who’s ever been in a relationship or is in one currently knows this comes with the territory. What happens. We disagree, we have a point, they have a point, BAM we bump heads. Now what? Someone’s on the couch, Argument! The thing is, an argument doesn’t have to be a bad thing. I mean think about it. In order to have an effective stance on something, we must first listen to understand what’s going on underneath the frustration. This listening allows us to gather our thoughts and formulate our stance or argument. Thing is…we don’t listen! We hear half a sentence and play the see who can cut their spouse off the fastest game.

Imagine if we first took time to listen from another’s perspective and was able to actually gather our thoughts before attempting to prove a point? The world would truly be a better place. More innocence, less fighting, more clothes! (lol) Ultimately, we’d allow each other to be heard and be able to work together to actually come up with an effective solution to the small or major problem.

Just a thought. What do you all think?

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