I believe in Me


We tend to place our faith in everything around us, our favorite NBA teams, the trains to get us to work on time, our relationships, just to name a few. The list goes on. However, the thing that perplexes me is the lack of faith we place in ourselves. Why is this? How is it that we can find value in the things that have no ability to define a true sense of self-worth?

I often wonder about this as I sip on my daily Cup O’ Joe and begin to lay my thoughts down. Personally, I’ve always had a hard time believing or having faith in myself. Everything I’ve tried to pursue, including my writing, has always been a matter of doubt. Second guessing myself became a hobby.

What does it take for us to eventually have that magical “Aha” moment? Although I’m a fan and believer of Meditation, my daily dose of affirmations didn’t quite do it for me. My “Aha” moment hit me like a train moving at full speed whose brakes had suddenly gone out. I had to go deeper than my love for LeBron, I had to go deeper than my love for anyone and look at myself. I had to find the courage to step out and believe in me. I realized, in the end, it’s my faith in myself that is going to push me through tough times and drive me towards all of the things that I’m passionate about.

I’ll leave you with this mental breakfast. I’d like to look at one’s own internal belief as the roots of a tree and everything else as a leaf that can either sustain harsh weather and remain with you until Spring or wither away. Point being, without the roots the tree cannot grow and no one can witness the true potential or beauty it has to give. It starts from within and once you conquer that fear, you can be great!

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