Harlem Nights


Harlem- History, Jazz, Apollo…Culture. So many things come to mind when I think of this historic place. However, the one thing that drew me in was the the variety of food choices that surround this area.

One restaurant in particular comes to mind and that’s the famous, Red Rooster. Owned by the famous Marcus Samuelsson, Top Chef winner and World Renowned Chef, this place is definitely my go-to choice when choosing to dine in Harlem. The ambiance, the music, the food, the overall vibe of this place is unmatched.

I recently visited and had an opportunity to meet Marcus and I must say I see why his restaurant is thriving. His welcoming personality matches the ambiance of his restaurant. The food, well that speaks for itself. I had the Mexiopian chicken this time around and my taste buds could do nothing more than salivate.

I definitely recommend visiting Red Rooster the next time you visit Harlem or if you’re making your first visit to New York City. You’ll be taking a piece of history with you and you won’t be disappointed!

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