The Real Meaning

As you sip your Eggnog (spiked or virgin 😉 chestnuts roast over open fire and you tear through the wrapping paper like a mad person, remember to show gratitude and love for all people and things around you.

It is this day that we catch amnesia and forget the importance of not just a holiday but a joyous occasion. It’s more than the money that was spent on gifts we deem necessary, it’s more than a fat man in a red suit (not to rain on anyone’s parade) but it’s about love!

Embrace the joy today brings if you are fortunate enough to be celebrating this day. Be cognizant of those who may not be able to have all of the material things and other types of faux happiness. To those who cannot celebrate the traditional way, remember love is all you need!

Peace & blessings to all!

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