Take it easy- It’s only Life!

Do you ever find yourself jumping out of your sleep, sitting up in the bed in a daze? Yeah me too. It’s as if we’re waiting on an epiphany to strike us like one of Cupid’s love arrows. That magical “Aha!” This morning seemed to be one of those magical moments. I jumped out of my sleep, gazed out the window and wondered what’s next? That moment was short-lived once my stomach started saying good morning to me.

Two hard boiled eggs (w/ a little hummus) and one cup of ginger tea later, I was still asking myself that question- what’s next? Next in what? Life, career, everything. Sometimes, I have a tendency to want to rush the timeline on which my life is flowing. I find myself meditating over where I am and where I feel I should be. It’s quite exhausting yet it’s almost become a part of my daily routine. My sanity you ask? Well, it’s still intact; but constantly dwelling on what you cannot control right away and by right away I mean in a day or less is just pointless!

Today, I realized what that magical moment was about. I have to learn to give myself a break, as we all should. Things are not going to happen at the very moment you expect them to. However, when you take the necessary steps within yourself and outside of you, things will fall into place at the very moment you least expect them to.

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  1. Nin says:

    True spoken word

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