My Inner Voice- Being a Kid Again!

“Children find everything in nothing; men find nothing in everything.”- Giacomo Leopardi

It’s a sad truth yet the reality of how many adults think. Take the infamous saying, “To be young again.” It speaks volumes amongst people who’ve experienced the “realness” of life. It’s evident that there is something precious about youth-hood.

Children have a way of living life that make many envy today and reminisce about yesterday. The nostalgic feeling of living free! What’s the secret? It’s simple. They imagine, speak their minds and are sure to have fun in the process. As we experience more of what life has to offer, we forget these three important aspects that add value to the life we live.

There’s beauty in the voice of a child. I don’t mean in they way they speak (although it can tickle us.) I’m referring to the way they analyze the world. They tend to see things for what they can be by cultivating a mind frame that anything is possible. I wish more people (myself included) would tap into their inner child. We need to learn how to use our imaginations, speak our minds and have fun all over again. Sure, we have fun by partying or having a nice glass of wine. However, we need pure fun where we are willing to take risks and live the life we’ve always imagined.

There is no need to continue saying “To be young again” when you’re as young as you feel and your imagination is timeless.

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