Meet Jerry- He is EverydayGay!

It’s been a few months now since I started “BeEverydayGay” it has been growing slowly but surely. Some people don’t fully understand the true meaning behind “BeEverydayGay” and I usually say, just be yourself and be happy and you are EverydayGay! It’s quite simple. Oh and to remove any stigmas that I know some would still have, you don’t have to be homosexual to BeEverydayGay!

I started off with the blog as a way to share the things that I enjoy and connect with others. Then I realized, there would be people who still wouldn’t be able to grasp the idea behind my concept. So…I decided once a month I would feature someone who is EverydayGay! This person is someone who is living their authentic life free of personas. To kick it off, I interviewed my good friend and mentor Jerry. He exemplifies the true meaning of what this lifestyle is all about.

Check it out below: 

Who Are You?
My name is Jerry Snider, I’m 63 years young from Lancaster, Ohio.
What do You do for a Living?
In the morning, I’m a delivery driver for Meals on Wheels, in the afternoon I go to Ohio University where I’m taking a class in play writing. After age 60, here in Ohio, you can take classes free at any state university. In the past year I’ve taken acting, painting, several writing classes, the history of television and film comedy, and public speaking. Great fun! I’m working on a children’s book called Buddy Bloom. It will be out in the late Spring – it teaches the value of adversity, the joy of friendship, and the celebration of life.
What Inspires You?
I am inspired by nature – every year the flowers, grass, and trees make a come back after being hammered by winter. I’m inspired by over comers – movies like Rocky, Rudy, and Saint Ralph. I’m inspired by the Special Olympics. I’m inspired by everyday folks living life to the fullest – helping each other – the Jesus thing – loving the world. I’m inspired by the people who find people and things broken and help fix them. I’m inspired by all good things.
Why Are You EverydayGay?
I’m everyday gay because I’m in the habit of counting my blessings, I choose to be happy…”This is the day the Lord has made; I will rejoice and be glad in it.” There is always lots to learn – either you’re green and growing or you’re ripe and rotten – you always have a choice. That doesn’t mean I ignore the hurt in the world – it means I look for a way to help as best I can. Trouble never leaves you where it finds you – either you get better or bitter – I’m taking the high road. Happiness is the way.
Make it a great day!

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