On the Road to Clean Eating: Day 1


And here we go…my first dive back into clean eating. Not to say I eat horrible but I haven’t been my complete healthy self in a while. A long while!

I used to tell people, I don’t get sick and I meant that. Now, it seems the older I get the more sensitivities my body has. I’ve come to realize I wasn’t getting sick because my immune system was much stronger. I’d like to think that had a lot to do with the way I was eating. So, I decided to ease my way back into clean eating by taking BuzzFeed’s 14 day Clean Eating Challenge.

I must say I wasn’t too sure about it at first, all the prepping and recipes. However, I decided to make it fun. As a foodie and someone who loves to cook, I figured this could be a way to explore new foods and ideas.

With all that said and done, let the challenge begin…Day 1! I invite you all to check it out and follow me on my journey for the next two weeks.

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