I forgave But I don’t have to forget

Have you ever heard of the saying “I can forgive but I don’t have to forget?” I never quite understood the meaning behind this phrase until I was placed in a situation in which something had deeply affected me. I found myself holding on to anger and frustration that was something unbearable. I thought how the hell do people get through these times.

The answer was all but simple and it took years of lessons, mistakes and hard times to help me fully understand the true meaning of forgiveness. And…I’m still learning. However, I get it!

It was my inner strength that taught me how to ask questions in the most negative of times (my mentor helped push me through this.) My ability to look myself in the mirror and forgive myself for the choices I’ve made and the lack of respect and self-love I had given myself. I found through many trials and error that resentment does nothing more than hold you back from being a better you.

I’ll always hold on to some of the things I’ve gone through and moments I have but I’ll do so knowing that in my heart and mind I’m on the road to forgiveness.

Photo Credit: The P3 Power Boost

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