Coastin in Costa Rica

As my skin glistens after being sun kissed and my spirit becomes one with the earth, I say farewell to one of the most beautiful places on this planet. 

Costa Rica was absolutely amazing. The food, the local people or Ticos, the beauty of the country side ahh! I can do nothing but exhale. Four days was simply not enough. Especially being I’m now 34,000 feet above the beautiful landscape and Palm trees and headed over large bodies of water back to my real existence. My time spent there was breathtaking. Not to mention, I so happened to be there when a volcano decided to erupt! What are the chances?! 

On the other hand, I’ve just about mastered Colones and thanks to an awesome translator my Spanish has gotten much better. I managed to have a few conversations with the locals and that was definitely a wonderful feeling. Being able to connect with others from a different walk of life brings a deeper meaning to the lives we live. So sad to see it go…

However, I will take with me the memories of white sand, the smell of fresh air, the iguanas that populated my patio every morning, the spectacular views of a waterfall up close and personal, the sun’s entrance and exit to the day, the kindness from the locals, the love I felt, the list can go on and on but some memories I will keep to myself and marvel over in my head. 

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