Why Did I Stop Dreaming?

When did I stop dreaming? This question struck me while I was sitting at my desk this morning daydreaming about being a homeowner. Random? Yes, that’s typically how my brain works. 

It was literally like a lightbulb went off in my head. Internal dialogue that was louder than a volcanic eruption going off next to my ear! Why did I stop dreaming? 

Why have I allowed myself to settle with the idea of status quo? Why have I given up my dreams of wanting that Range Rover and a beautiful home with a huge backyard so I can grill at my leisure? Traveling the world and marveling at what was before me and what will be after me? Why did I stop dreaming?

I want those days back. Those days I sat for hours surfing the web for everything I could imagine. Today, today seems like the perfect time to go back to that nostalgic feeling and make it present. Work can wait!

Photo Credit: Astridle (Deviant Art)

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