Broke but not Broken 

When it hurts how do you heal? And when you feel lost how will you be found? Questions, I’m currently pondering on as I bring these thoughts to life. Sitting at my desk, counting the moments until everything makes sense. Problem with that, it won’t ever make sense. Life that is.

I wonder why some things make more sense than others and wonder why things don’t always work out the way you planned. I guess that’s why they say don’t plan, just live. That’s hard for me. 

I find myself feeling the same way I felt about 4 years ago when I sat in my apartment alone, lost and confused about what was next. My mind desolate, my heart cold, mind blank, I’d like to call it a coma with eyes wide open. My current state that is. 

Here I am. I have no idea how to channel my current emotions but I do know that 4 years later the feeling isn’t as strong as before. My state of mind although cloudy is still flowing with some sort of positivity. My heart although slow to beat is still pulsating. 

So, I see the beauty of life is that despite where you may currently be if it doesn’t break you it somehow makes it easier to handle the next time around. This is the next time around and mentor said it best today, “If you can feel, you can heal.”

Photo Credit: MichaelSamuels.Com

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  1. Shelby says:

    Life is always evolving-i try to live in today! My grandma always told me live in today-tomorrow will take care of itself. Don’t be concerned with yesterday it has passed never to come around again-dont borrow from tomorrow cares of this world. And Alway remember God has already planned the destination.


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