Food Therapy 

Lately, I’ve been in cooking mode. Of course I love to eat and cooking is essential for watching what you eat and saving money in the process. BUT I’m talking about really cooking-when you go to special markets just to get secert spices and surf Pinterest all day so you can feel like a chef. That’s what I’m referring to. 

I’ve always been passionate about food, it is truly my love. I can turn to it no matter how I’m feeling and it never fails me. I’m sure this sounds a bit crazy, don’t judge me! 

However, on a serious note, cooking is therapeutic for me. There’s something about having an awesome recipe, lots of spices and a nice glass of wine as you venture off to different countries with your cuisines. It’s like traveling without having to leave the house. You can go wherever you’d like in your own kitchen. 

No matter how you’re feeling there is a way to put your mind at ease. And cooking is definitely one of them. In order to prove my theory, I recently took a stab at making a whole, Red Snapper. I was having a terrible day, mind racing and I had no desire to do anything until I said you know what I’m going to make something good. I took a trip to the seafood market and the regular market to get all my ingredients, I turned on my mood music and Viola! 

I know you’re thinking I’m sure it wasn’t that easy. However, I can ensure you it was. I know what works for me when my days seem dreary and I stick with it. 

I encourage you to find your therapy. One that involves the nourishing and uplifting of your mind, body and soul! 

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