Which Way

Have you ever found yourself in a predicament where you didn’t know how to feel? It’s like two people or thoughts in this case pulling each arm in a different direction. 

Happy, sad. Laughing, crying. Understanding, oblivious. Forgiving, revengeful. Which is the correct route on this journey? Who knows.

The thing is, there is no magic way of knowing and unfortunately this is not Aladdin and you are not garunteed three wishes. I know it sucks because we all dream up these fairytales in our minds only to realize “we” are the ones that must make a decision for ourselves. Nothing or no one else can do this for us. 

So, what now? I don’t have the answer but I can share what has been a stepping stone for myself and that is listening to myself. Allowing my mind to take away the distractions that can get in the way of making rational decisions and allowing my heart to feel without the fear of it being shattered. 

It’s not easy and I don’t consider myself a proclaimed “self-help guru” but it’s worth a try. We all have to start somewhere right? Right. 

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