Run on sentence 

I plant seeds of growth..may my roots blossom under oath..may I reap what I sow and so forth..the bullshit I did it no longer afraid to admit it let me repent now so all is forgiven..try to stay driven.. when I’m speeding through life blind sided by the bumpers of today yet alone what may crash into tomorrow..eye on the sparrow the arrow pointed south because that’s where I’m headed..the days are like times dreaded..high off this earth so my nerves cool that’s how I play it..faded off my it to late to have a conversation with the one who shrinks me into a mere mortal of grief..guides me through emotional speech..alters my being these lessons I keep..somebody hold me..mold’s ok to be who I full of doubts in search of a continuous route..shower my spirit from a starving soul is devout..though I glance in the mirror and there is no hearts moving in the right direction no such thing as perception screw your correction..these feelings cannot be defined so quit spell checking..I’m guessing..educated that’s ok to be who I am..young gifted and black to be as Aretha put it..trying to push me straight I went the other way..bothers you ay..what I eat don’t make do they say it deficate…while y’all fornicate commit crimes of hate..young people you rape..people kill minds..10 years for a drug deal.. in private prisons..while the man makes millions corrupting unborn children..famine all over the world while the 1% sit back in Lenin smelling like evils scent far from heaven of mass destruction and you worried about who I’m fucking..some is it ok to be who I am? 

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