Every Little Step I Take

It was Saturday. I sat. I thought. I realized that life is not measured by the giant steps we make but every little step we take.

As an over thinker, I tend to beat myself up for the “steps” I don’t take. It’s quite normal to be a person who sees the big picture. But as I put the final coat of paint on my bedroom ceiling, I paused for a moment and I realized that is in every passing moment that we must acknowledge the progress we’ve made.

This could be as simple as doing laundry, meal prepping for the week or taking that class that you’ve been pondering on. These little steps are what push us forward and make that bigger picture even more vivid.

It is here that you must give yourself credit for taking the initiative to make something happen or get something done.

Every step counts. Every step is a step forward. And if you’re knocked back, that’s ok because those steps count too!

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