1000 Pieces of Me: Solving My Puzzle

“It isn’t about the big steps we take but the little steps we make.” 

Life is measured by each passing moment and how we choose to receive and respond to this message is our life.

I’ve never been exact on where my life was taking me but I always knew what I wanted it to look like.

See, I’m visual. And by visual I mean I see my life mapped out like an expedition around the world. I see the awe grasping moments of surprise, I taste the bittersweet pleasures, I hear the laughter of happiness, I smell the aroma of defeat and I stop, I daydream and wake back up in reality.

They say we can paint our emotions using colors and if that’s the case then I’ve used at least every color on the spectrum.

What does this say about me? Could I be deemed a high-functioning, neurotic lover of art who can’t seem to get a grip on her emotions?

Or am I a multi-dimensional introvert who blends in with the many colors of society? I guess I’ll never know.

What I do know is that life cannot be defined by a single definition. So, I am a free, visualist (in my own words) with the mind of an eagle soaring across time.

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