Mexican & Chill

It’s Meatless Monday! Ok ok, so I had tuna in my salad for lunch BUT overall I’ve done well today.

I started off the day with a large bottle of water to get everything flowing within and then breakfast followed up nicely. A nice cup of oatmeal (plain is just fine for me) along with two egg whites on whole wheat and a two wonderful cups of coffee. My morning started off right! 

In the midst of enjoying all of that glory, I was browsing through one of my favorite sites Mind Body Green and came across a really cool blog, The real life rd. I loved her posts and her take on allowing food to be food while enjoying every bit of it. It had me thinking about how I feel about food. And it was quite simple, I love food! Man, it’s like when I’m indulging in a piece of dark chocolate or a greasy, dollar slice from Two Bros, I’m secretly singing “the way you make me feel” *in my best Michael Jackson voice* LOL! Don’t judge me, we all have our moments. 

BUT…back to the topic at hand, I tend to stray when it comes to one of my favorite subjects. However, my day continued with a dark chocolate, espresso protein bar for snack and followed with my tuna salad, with everything you can think of 🙂 

And finally after a long day in the office, it was time for dinner! Usually, I’m in the kitchen doing my thing but today was just one of those days I wanted to kick back, watch Netflix and order in. The vedict…

Mexican! I was really salivating at the thought of a steak burrito but I opted for Tofu along with chips and guac. This really hit the spot! 

So, my Monday ended just like it should have meatless and laid back!

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