I’m Just Saying 

It is the chill in my walk that makes others take notice and make an immediate judgement on whether or not I’m arrogant or just chillin.
More often than none they perceive me as arrogant, stuck up, feeling myself so to speak. And I’d like to wrestle their thoughts like the WWF and say, “How so, I’m not touching myself, I’m merely chillin.” 
It’s the confidence I possess in my firm handshake, vivid eye contact and slight grin that exposes my left dimple that makes them feel I’m too much to handle.  
What they fell to realize is that although I possess this demeanor some would call it “swag” I am a shy, sensitive woman who in fact does let words break her bones. 
But what I am not is inferior or afraid and I wear those 4 years of undergrad, that full ride athletic scholarship, that young black, female entrepreneur like a fresh scent of your favorite fragrance. 
I walk into corporate America like, “Hello, I’m Lauren Stephenson, and yes I’m intelligent, I don’t know much but I know enough for you to give me a fair shot like every one of these employees you deem “above average.” 
I’m just saying.
It’s hard enough I have to deal with the stigmas that come with loving someone who enjoys Victoria’s Secret as much as I do.
But that doesn’t take away from the grind that I’m on everyday as a young woman living in New York City making pocket change while others debate on Porsches and real estate.
And no, please don’t get me wrong, that’s all well and good but what’s not well and good is when you’re ready to step up and try for the same opportunities that they have you’re privileged to hear the infamous, “Stay in your lane.” 
What lane is that? Because the last time I checked it takes at least two people to ride in the HOV which means two heads is definitely better than one which means teamwork achieves greater results.
So, miss me with that, stay in your lane and excuse my vernacular but I’m crossing over and there ain’t shit you can do to stop me.
I’m just saying. 

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