What do I value?

Yesterday, on my journey back uptown I sat and thought to myself, “What is the true value of my life? What do I value? What do I allow to have value in my life that shouldn’t?” I’m sure we can all agree we’ve asked ourselves this question at some point in time and if you have yet to trust me your day is coming.

I had just recently stumbled upon The Minimalists Podcasts and of course having the oh so curious mind I have, I had to look further into just who these guys were. The coolest part was they’re from the Buckeye state just like myself. But really, they blew me away! I’m not a big fan of self-help stuff (unless it’s real and creative), or the idea of depriving myself of things I love aka being super frugal. HOWEVER, I am a fan of cool and creative reads that inspire and challenge my thinking and they were doing just that!

I surfed their website for about an hour and started asking myself questions. Questions that had never crossed my mind such as, “When I spend $10 on a drink at a bar does the bar owner really appreciate just how hard I had to work at a job that steals my soul on a day-to-day basis?” The long and short of that question, Hell NO! They probably could care less and not to speak this way about every bar owner. However, I’m just being realistic. I also found myself asking, “Do I really need to go out and spend $150 on a duffel bag for my upcoming trip just to say oh look it’s Herschel?” The long and short of that question, Hell NO! Chances are I can find a durable and cool looking bag for half the price AND you know what? I did just that and only spent $16 (plus shipping.) Don’t get me wrong, I love nice things, especially when it calls for being dapper. Yet, does nice necessarily equal name brand or expensive? I don’t think so.

Talk about a quick introspection on money. I was definitely having a few of those moments in that present moment. Not only was it money. I started thinking about my career and asking myself if Human Resources was something I really wanted to spend the next 20 let alone 5 years of my life doing. The long and short of that question, Hell NO! I’m too creative to sit at a desk all day and listen to people gossip and constantly be annoyed with emails regarding the same questions I just answered 5 minutes prior. It’s just not me! It doesn’t align with who I am which led me to start asking myself more questions. What exactly do I value?

Over the next couple weeks I will begin asking myself this question on a daily basis, constructing my thoughts on paper (and digitally) as I journey to uncover this for myself. It will definitely be an exciting journey and I’m looking forward to getting started!


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  1. Ros Reis says:

    Excited for you on this journey! It’s always a good thing to check with yourself on your values from time to time. Your values can easily become the foundation to many aspects of life. I hope you end up finding a way to venture out of your HR job!


    1. LaurenAsh says:

      Thank you so much for you kind words and support! It’s an awesome feeling to move towards living life with purpose!


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