Good Morning 

Be willing to be a beginner every single morning- Meister Eckhart 

The joy of the morning. It’s a breath of fresh air and when you really think about it, it is truly a new beginning.

So far my New Year has leant itself to a lot of reading and self-reflecting and it’s been invigorating! Feeling renewed each day as I tackle the world full force. 

A while back I wrote about how it’s not the big steps we take but the steps we make that count. These are what truly propel us forward and each day I’m learning this more and more. 

It is with every morning I gradually take back my mind, body and soul. The one that has been sucked up by society and the world we live in on our day-to-day grinds. 

I find myself rolling out of bed with more energy, I’m doing daily exercises (mind you I haven’t worked out in months- but I’m easing back into it) I’m writing more than ever, I’m drinking water more, my creative energy is flowing, I’m falling into a lifestyle that cultivates healthier habits and it’s just awesome! Yes, this is real excitement! 

I’d have to say I’m #TeamEckhart on this one as I have a new found respect for the morning. I see why the birds sing praises, it is an opportunity to live again. 

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