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“…If only I could un-feel the uneasiness, the tension or strain would dissipate”

What are moments of self-discovery?

When you realize the true essence of day-by-day intricacies spun like webs?

When the ego is challenged, which in turn leads to a blurred reflection of your right now?

Your heartbeat becomes more rhythmic but it still manages to skip 2 or 3 steps.

Reprecautions become next on your checklist, followed by mantras that chant “Nourish your soul or drought your harvest.”

Or “Love your being or watch it fade.”

Perhaps if you took a look inside me you’d need a telescope to scope out a space to bury your opinions.

Being that what currently lies there are a host of idiosyncrasies that give life to my peculiar nature.

And I often wonder why I forget to breathe.

It is that pause of life that helps me see the possibility of it all.


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  1. Mom says:

    Very deep and profound. Thanks for the knowledge. Love yo . Share Gif:


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