Amo la comida Mexicana!

Processed with Rookie Cam

I have a thing for eating out AND honestly who doesn’t?

However, with ensuring we choose healthy food options (most of the time) and save money towards more important things like traveling the world, my partner and I opt to eat in most of the time.

BUT…there’s always date nights and these tend to get very creative from Taco Tuesday’s at home with homemade Margaritas to exploring new cultures and cuisines.

If there’s one particular kind I enjoy, it’s Mexican! Ahh. I can’t explain the joy that comes to me when I have it. The guac, the enchiladas, Lagunitas, the list goes on and on.

Last night, we went with Los Charritos which has an awesome guac and the Camarones Asados is simply amazing! Did I mention it’s BYOB? Of course, Margaritas would be the traditional drink option BUT why not go for a cold Lagunitas instead?


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