Programmed Lethargy & Fear- How to Break Free

At times, I’ll close my eyes only for nothing to come to me in return, no thoughts or visuals just merely free space.

And I think to myself, is something wrong? Then I realize, this blank canvas is a clean slate for me to re-create my reality. Opportunity so subtle? Yes.

The connection between a free-flowing mind and the Law of Attraction is so very similar. Your most basic instincts and intuitions will lead you towards conscious decision-making, liberating you from the pattern of programmed lethargy and fear a term I’ve coined for the sake of helping myself to break free from debilitating and repetitive thoughts.

It’s true. We all have fallen victim to this pattern, programmed lethargy and fear aka “Our place of false comfort” where past choices and ideologies trump innovative, out of the box thoughts or experiences.

How do we break free from this? I am no expert but on my journey I am learning what works for me. That’s truly step 1 in discovering who you are and where you’re headed.

Not knowing what works for you can distort your perception of who you are or what you are for that matter and keep you in a mental prison. Stuck in your head, recycling negative thoughts on a daily basis and second-guessing your every move. How is this cycle broken? By channeling a positive antenna to deliver nothing but optimistic viewpoints aka news on all that you encounter.

Easier said than done, absolutely!

“All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them.” Galileo Galilei

However, once you have identified who you are, moving on to discover what you are begins to align naturally.

Your authentic self begins to form when you free your mind and begin to paint on the blank canvas that has been waiting patiently for you.

The next time you feel like you’ve been caught in the webs of programmed lethargy and fear, try the below exercise:

Take a blank sheet of paper and begin to draw (or paint) everything that makes you feel free in that moment. Color it and make it vibrant. Hang it up where you can see it everyday or even take a picture and make it your screen saver so you can see it multiple times a day. Then just quietly say to yourself, “I am free to re-create my reality.”

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