Dear Morning,

I meditate to your discomfort as I sit in my stillness. The sun slowly rises as I inhale and pause…exhaling a promise unto the day. 

The monkey in my head does its daily workout, jumping through my mind as if completing an obstacle course. Then as he settles, I am back to my breath, 1…2…3.

With every heartbeat, I can feel each emotion seamlessly floating through me, surrounding my aura like the overcast of a darkened sky. 


I regain the feeling in my limbs as they have temporarily fallen sound asleep. And once more I can feel the sadness, anger, happiness, distance, joy all as one emotion. 

I sit calmly without judgement and it all begins to resonate. I’m unsure of how or why they’ve all decided to grace my presence simultaneously yet I stretch out my arms and welcome them into my embrace.

It feels like uncertainty when I finally get a grip on labeling this feeling. It feels like blue, yellow and red. A mixture of differences.

Suddenly, I am slowly lifted out of a deep contemplation and I realize this is the first time I’ve experienced me. 


A Soul Searcher 

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