It’s All Good-Really

Have you ever woke up only to realize you’re still sleeping? I don’t mean this in a literal sense. I’m referring to your alarm clock going off for the 4th time while you hit snooze for the 6th rolling over like a bear fresh out of hibernation? Yeah, me too.

It’s like a dream- A comatose state of unpredictability topped with the dire question “What the F*CK am I doing with my life?!” Have you ever been there? Yeah, me too.

Good thing is, it’s all good.

If you’re asking this question, it means you’re tuning into that little voice that likes to run marathons through your mind while leaving post-it notes at every check point of all the things you’re truly passionate about.

Problem is, we hear this nagging voice which reminds you of your folks telling you to clean your room for the umpteenth time YET don’t listen!


Well, I’d be lying if I said I knew and could give you guys the magic formula. However, what is true for myself in this case is fear. Simply put, I’m afraid to listen to that tiny voice. There it is- on the table, I’m exposed with zero F*CKS given as Mark Manson would say. Whew! That felt nice.

So what you’re afraid, how does this help me- I know you’re thinking this.

Well, I’d be lying once again if I said I knew and could give you guys the magic formula but what will become true for me is the fact that I plan to shut up, sit intently and learn to listen. Because truthfully guys that’s all you can do.

Just remember this one thing as my grandmother used to put it, “99 and a half won’t do! You either give it your all or don’t do it.”

She’s right. So, just give it a go!

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