Facing Judgement

It’s funny.

Prior to reading this quote, I was judging the hell out of someone on the train. He took it upon himself to give everyone a concert. I thought, “For real dude! I don’t wanna hear this sh*t!” I immediately allowed my mind to voyage off into the land of “He must be crazy or he is beyond selfish for thinking we want to be entertained this early in the AM.” The truth is, who am I to look at him and pass any judgement? The answer to this is very simple- No one! Literally speaking, I am someone but I’m no one to pass judgement on the next person.

I’ve always fallen victim to judging others. My argument was always, “Everyone judges everyone and hell I’ve been judged my entire life, why should I care?” Selfish of me I know but I never said I was perfect. Honestly, I feel we pass judgement because we see something in someone else we are afraid to face in ourselves. It’s like a mirror almost.

It wasn’t until I truly understood what it felt like to be looked down upon; I could feel myself cowering in a corner, tears flowing down my face like a river upstream and all I could do in that moment was think, “Karma is a bit*h!”

Fact is this, judgement is needed at some point in each of our lives but there’s a fine line between passing judgement to ensure you are safe or making wise decisions and merely passing judgement because you view something differently than the next person.

Remember: We all Fall Short!

We’re all human and we do, say and think some of the most hurtful things about others. What may be harmless to you may be harmful to another. Embrace the differences (Talking to myself) of others and learn to focus on yourself instead of passing judgement on the next passerby.

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