Yeah, I’m Imperfect. 

There’s something about letting yourself go and leaning into the discomfort. Just when you think your world is tumbling down…*snap* life eases this very burden.

I’ve been known to be a perfectionist. Trust me, I know this about myself. Although there seems to be mixed feelings on that of the positive and negative effects of a perfectionist versus a non-perfectionist, I understand the idea that nothing is perfect and thus discomfort is unavoidable.

So, why do we so often strive for perfection when this feat seems simply unattainable? In my mind, there is no such idea or concept that comes close to that of the infinite intelligence that dwells amongst our beings yet we are afraid to expose our flaws and shortcomings to others that are no…more…than…us. This fear is crimpling. Causing us to hide behind our true selves. Causing us to never experience that of unconditional love because so many of us are walking around hidden.

In a time where life is driven by the opinion of others, shielding our naked souls defaults to a safe zone. Free from fear, judgement, depression, we bare witness to our self-inflicted unhappiness. Running seems like the right thing to do and avoiding your reflection is your new goal. Added onto your current goals of the “Jones’ way”. It simply starts to feel like you can’t keep up. 

But that is what makes us who we are. That is what makes me…me. My differences- My tall height, big feet, weird habits are so far from perfect it can only seem unreal. To the Point, I’m asking myself, “What is normal?” And every time, I’m faced with a lesson in which I must learn and continuously evolve into this creative, undaunted being. 

Remember: It can either be a defeat or an opportunity

Embrace who you are and let it mold you into something beautiful. 

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