Oh love 

I learned what love looks, smells, tastes, sounds and even feels like.

I learned in just…that…moment when I was falling deeper into a zone with continuous momentum; head over hills I tumbled, slightly dizzy yet I managed to stumble and land at your feet.

My timid body in that of a fetus position. Slowly scanning my way up to your existence when you looked down at me and smiled.

My heart fluttered and with words left unsaid my heartbeat whispered hello while I fantasized our forever. Standing in paradise gazing into your eyes while the birds serenade our story. 

Just you and me, wrapped in Mother Nature’s embrace, dressed in your being, together.

Hold me like you don’t ever want to let go my love while I’m loving you, loving you with so much peace and joy I could die right now yet feel alive in you.  

Keep looking at me like you’ve found a beauty unbeknownst to man. 

Keep giving me chills while I bask in this 86 degree paradise and melt back into that very moment you looked at me and gave me the key to your love. 

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