I am transforming before my very own eyes.

Looking myself in a mirror that once cracked and seeing each reflection of my being piece by piece.

The piece of me that was broken is slowly morphing into peace I am becoming whole.

The barbed wire that shouted, “DO NOT DISTURB” around my beating heart is beginning to dissipate into a field of lilies that softly says, “Hello, I am Ashley, pick me.”

I am the vision you once saw when you kissed vulnerability for the first time.

I am the moment you no longer hid in the closest as a frightened little girl afraid of the dark. Hm…a dark closet yet it was my safe haven.

I am the strength you found when you decided life was worth living and not jumping.

I am her.

I am the little girl who was damaged, rushing my childhood playfully sipping on mock tails awaiting the moment I could be free.

Do you see me?

I am transforming before my very own eyes.

Spreading my wings like an eagle ready to soar to new heights, new levels, no devils, just the woman I am creating as I speak.








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