A Real Fairytale 

I’m Maleficient. 

I have horns that sit atop my crown when the pain becomes too much, wings that no longer fly yet I am the fairytale I hope you’ll buy into.

I hate you, I love you, I hate…you.

Words I utter out my mouth as they slither off my tongue like a snake moving through the night on the hunt for its prey. 

Shedding its skin, paper thin, the onus is on me. 

To love, to flee, to beg and plea, 

To understand, to care, have me here how could you dare?

I am fragile can’t you see, the beauty and the beast, Judas and the priest.

The love and the hate, the mistakes I cannot erase.

Watch me live, don’t syndicate my existence. 

Watch how I smile by the riverside, how I rise like the sun, 

Watch me.

I am fragile can’t you see? 

But I am perfectly imperfect as you are for me. 

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