Confessions Part 1 (The Realization)

I love money. There I said it.

I love the finer things, exotic even.

I have a need for speed, although there are those in need, my hunger bleeds for more.

Penthouse style lofts, the finest wine, double time, yeah that’s me.

I tried the whole minimalist thing, it worked, I woke, I gave, I stayed content.

Then, I longed for more.

The desire to have whatever you want is powerful like the waves from my feminine ocean, it’s alluring.

I need, I need, I need.


But don’t judge me.

We all secretly desire things, material wealth, not focused on health, caught up in the hype yet say I’m not about that life, yeah right.

If I tossed you a million plus, how would you react?

Would you graciously hand it back?

Would you maybe count out a few stacks?

Maybe travel all over the map?

Or offer it to the world, mother nature’s young ones, who suffer.

Naw, not me, I’d spend half, kinda sad right.

But hey, I told you I was real.

Self-awareness is my garment, I dress in it daily, so don’t mind me.

I say what I think, speak what I know, care how you feel, well, I’ll leave that for another day.

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