Daily Dose #12 (Special Gratitude Cleanse)

Today, is a day of celebration for any and all things we have, free from labels and any judgement. You are encouraged to spend the next 24 hours giving nothing but ‘thanksgiving’!

Here’s how our cleanse goes…AND I promise this will be a life changer 😉

Gratitude cleanse:

  • For 24 hours, give nothing but thanks for any and all things you have. I.e. the air in your lungs, your favorite cop of coffee or simply the love of the supreme spirit of peace.
    Give thanks out loud as this causes your vibrational frequency to elevate and rub off on others around you.
    If you’re unable to speak openly, simply write it down and say it quietly to yourself or in your head.

Don’t worry! You can do this and to encourage all of you to get going, I invite you to get started by sharing one thing you’re grateful for in the comment box. I’ll start!

I am grateful for the love of life and experience, and to be able to bring joy and hope to others.

The daily dose is a gentle nudge of inspiration seeking to encourage you to look within, be in a continuous state of gratitude and embrace the lessons in life on your journey towards liberation.

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