Empowering Questions – Day 1

As the profound, spiritual teacher Michael Bernard Beckwith often says, “Worry is not a spiritual practice.” Therefore, each day we should seek to ask ourselves at least one empowering question so that we begin to shift away from the disempowering thoughts and questions that may take over our thinking. Things such as, ‘Why me?’.

Today’s question is, ‘What is seeking to emerge within my life?’. 

When asking these questions, it’s important that you believe that you already have everything that you need in life and express your gratitude within the same breath. If it helps, write down what comes to you when asking this question, and without judgement, reflect. You got this and you can do this!



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  1. Ever think about doing a virtual meetup? Its the sign of the times.


    1. LaurenAsh says:

      That’s a wonderful idea and I’ll get one going soon!


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