Empowering Questions – Day 5

How you feeling today? I hope full of love and light. It’s been 5 days of asking ourselves empowering questions while seeking to change our limiting or negative perceptions so we’re able to lead healthier, happier lives.

Today’s question is, “What is one way or one area in which I’ve grown in the past 5 days?” 

It’s important to show yourself some love while working through these exercises and while continuing on your self-exploration journey.

When asking these questions, it’s important that you believe that you already have everything that you need in life and express your gratitude within the same breath. If it helps, write down what comes to you when asking this question, and without judgement, reflect. You got this and you can do this!

Although this is day 5, the journey doesn’t stop! Each day, seek to ask yourself an empowering question and slowly but surely you’ll begin to replace the negativity that may be stunting your growth with radiance.

Need to catch up? No worries!

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  1. lovely post and so nice to meet you.
    Thanks for your follow.. I’m now following you as well!💖💖


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