Certified Journey

I’d rather take a short cut, but then my conscience creeps in and I feel my journey would be cut short. See, that’s the issue with finding yourself. There’s no magic wand that can waive reality, no magic carpet to float upon, reality and more reality. Are you up for the challenge? The more I…

Release Your Soul

There is a fear that lies within your soul, it is you. There is a freedom that lies within your soul, it is you.

On The Run (A Cry for Attention)

I wonder if our views crossed paths, if suddenly I’d see your need to position yourself on the block daily for a ‘happy’ meal. The only side of happy you get to experience on the regular, although irregular moves can be unpredictable, you find a way. Perhaps, if my mother was cracked out and my…

Internal dialogue

Ah what’s the point. You can do it. Blah blah. *Screams* I have a new business idea. Hmm…will it work? My account is overdrawn. How so? *Screams* Pizza sounds good. Who are you?  

Dance to the rhythm of now

Like Afro beats the rhythm captures my roots, my heritage, the song of the ancestors. Blessed am I the way the vibration moves through my soul, echoing loudly deflecting white noise, deflecting white lies. I feel alive, moving to the awakening of happiness that once was dormant awaiting life, awaiting the perfect melody to sing…

Possession Possessed

Passion was once something I possessed then through my possession my grip grew faint.

The Cuervo Effect

Jose… Why do I reach for you when my soul’s dehydrated? Knowing I need to quench my thirst, I call your name. When others reject you, I sing your praises. I love you. You burn slow, but I’m still here. You challenge my existence and take me to new heights at dangerous depths, But from…


On a quest to manifest my destiny, the stress in me has me questioning my life’s authenticity, so don’t judge me please and pardon me, if I rather chill in the garden with eve.

Weeping Willow

Lessons never hurt so good. Make me grow as a woman as I knew they would. Teach me what I need to know. Help me find the courage I needed to grow. Sometimes, I cry like a weeping willow. Tears fall in my pillow, I try hard not to let them go. Too much pride,…