My Psalm

My call echoed over the mountaintop into the valley and then, I heard a voice speak to me. It spoke not with words but with calm. The joy that came over me allowed me to walk on water and depart the troubled seas I'd been tasked to maneuver through. It reassured me that I was… Continue reading My Psalm


Total recall

Left foot, right foot, I begin to trace my steps. Attempting to recall my thoughts however vague. I'm lost in a moment I cannot change. Regretful yet thankful. Fearful yet excited. Worried yet in the still of the calm. I embrace the lesson. For I was led down this path to embrace not reject, to… Continue reading Total recall

The Bigger Picture

The fish cannot tell me how to fly for I am the bird. The bee cannot tell me how to bloom for I am the flower. The scientist cannot tell me how to wave for I am the ocean. The mind cannot tell me how to love for I am the heart. Life cannot tell… Continue reading The Bigger Picture

On pushing on…

Life is like a butterfly at times. The transformation from a caterpillar to a beautiful winged creature that dies within 7 days of existence is all it knows. Although its journey takes longer than the time it will have to flutter its wings around mother earth, It presses on to fulfill its beautiful purpose.  … Continue reading On pushing on…