I blossom if you stay rooted in me.


Lucid Dreams

When I cross the finish line, It'll be clear that mother nature has run her course. Clairvoyance of the now, I can foresee. A vulnerable reality. For my meek heart only thinks in terms of accomplished disappointments. There's not enough ointment to heal these wounds, Mind buried in a tomb, Beautiful soul, ticking boom! Blahs. I… Continue reading Lucid Dreams

If Ever…

If ever I wonder, It'll be to enchanted imaginations where life is a field of wildflowers. A wonderful existence where bees spread their sweetness to those who love. Where joy is ever flowing and time is that of only the mind.  Where dreams are in vivid color and fantasies are happening as I envisioned.  Where… Continue reading If Ever…

Rhythm & Blues

I understood her antipathy. For even in my vulnerable moments, I could hardly swallow my own words. And I knew she was different. But somehow the forgotten became the recalled and I blacked out to insecurity where breathing was merely a way of survival and not a way to regain focus. The cycle of cyclones… Continue reading Rhythm & Blues

The Art of Denial

I don't know when I came out of denial. But I know that denial was the crippling justification of any existence. The sheer concept of disregarding the truth or negation of logic as Webster so elegantly puts it. I wonder. I wonder why the reflection of our demons is hard to face. The trivial energy… Continue reading The Art of Denial

Under Construction

You saw a sign that said "Home for Sale." You parked your car and decided to give it a look. There is a lawn with little grass and a few weeds but one lone flower emerges from the soil. Entry-way highlighted by 100 watt bulbs that give light to dark rooms. Smells like fresh paint on… Continue reading Under Construction