Release Your Soul

There is a fear that lies within your soul, it is you. There is a freedom that lies within your soul, it is you.

On The Run (A Cry for Attention)

I wonder if our views crossed paths, if suddenly I’d see your need to position yourself on the block daily for a ‘happy’ meal. The only side of happy you get to experience on the regular, although irregular moves can be unpredictable, you find a way. Perhaps, if my mother was cracked out and my…

Internal dialogue

Ah what’s the point. You can do it. Blah blah. *Screams* I have a new business idea. Hmm…will it work? My account is overdrawn. How so? *Screams* Pizza sounds good. Who are you?  

Possession Possessed

Passion was once something I possessed then through my possession my grip grew faint.

Steady Pace

I read the Bible looking for answers, like cures for cancers. The slightest damsel, I undressed and distressed, slight stretch, I finessed my way on to the next quest. Feet moving like track spikes, in place, the chase to the finish is sure to diminish my strength. Yet, I withhold the fear and prepare for…


I blossom if you stay rooted in me.

What are you waiting for?

“Embrace now, what are you waiting for?”  You can die or you can live. You can complain or you can give thanks. You can go or you can stay. You can frown or you can smile. You can cry or you can laugh. The choice is always yours.

Lucid Dreams

When I cross the finish line, It’ll be clear that mother nature has run her course. Clairvoyance of the now, I can foresee. A vulnerable reality. For my meek heart only thinks in terms of accomplished disappointments. There’s not enough ointment to heal these wounds, Mind buried in a tomb, Beautiful soul, ticking boom! Blahs. I…

the great escape from my MIND

I want to be free. Untrained, re-framed, re-formed, A virgin me. Let me go, Cleanse me, No ego, No evil, I want to see. No longer your slave, Afraid, Not brave, I beg and plead. For I possess a song, Unsung, Undone, Left hung, I now run.  

If Ever…

If ever I wonder, It’ll be to enchanted imaginations where life is a field of wildflowers. A wonderful existence where bees spread their sweetness to those who love. Where joy is ever flowing and time is that of only the mind.  Where dreams are in vivid color and fantasies are happening as I envisioned.  Where…