Internal dialogue

Ah what’s the point. You can do it. Blah blah. *Screams* I have a new business idea. Hmm…will it work? My account is overdrawn. How so? *Screams* Pizza sounds good. Who are you?  

Dance to the rhythm of now

Like Afro beats the rhythm captures my roots, my heritage, the song of the ancestors. Blessed am I the way the vibration moves through my soul, echoing loudly deflecting white noise, deflecting white lies. I feel alive, moving to the awakening of happiness that once was dormant awaiting life, awaiting the perfect melody to sing…

Possession Possessed

Passion was once something I possessed then through my possession my grip grew faint.

The Cuervo Effect

Jose… Why do I reach for you when my soul’s dehydrated? Knowing I need to quench my thirst, I call your name. When others reject you, I sing your praises. I love you. You burn slow, but I’m still here. You challenge my existence and take me to new heights at dangerous depths, But from…


On a quest to manifest my destiny, the stress in me has me questioning my life’s authenticity, so don’t judge me please and pardon me, if I rather chill in the garden with eve.

Weeping Willow

Lessons never hurt so good. Make me grow as a woman as I knew they would. Teach me what I need to know. Help me find the courage I needed to grow. Sometimes, I cry like a weeping willow. Tears fall in my pillow, I try hard not to let them go. Too much pride,…

Confessions Part 1 (The Realization)

I love money. There I said it. I love the finer things, exotic even. I have a need for speed, although there are those in need, my hunger bleeds for more. Penthouse style lofts, the finest wine, double time, yeah that’s me. I tried the whole minimalist thing, it worked, I woke, I gave, I…


Her chuckle was precious. The very essence of a toddler’s joy. And in that moment, I gazed. The sky was a Melancholy blue. And I began to sink deeper into the present allowing life to wrap me like a blanket in the still of a brisk evening, isn’t it deceiving, believe me, I’m breathing.