Today is uncertain. Trying to connect the dots and exist right here right now. Avoiding the plaguing thought of society's definition of "success". There is an internal battle taking place within my body's fortress. I can feel the tension in my hands. The knots in my stomach. Stress is striving for victory. Unbeknownst to me,… Continue reading Resurface


mother nature

Am treks through the wilderness hoping to sync with the rise of mother nature, Becoming grounded in her roots as she breathes the morning into my lungs giving me life. Uplifting my spirit, shifting my mental from the visuals that dampen my glow. Humbling my heart, I highlight my gratitude for all she is. She… Continue reading mother nature

To Ponder or Be Present

I rose to the smell of fresh roasted beans that made their way to the Americas from Costa Rica. As it turns out, it was my good friend Dunkin. Fresh veggies being prepped for a delicious meal. A sore body from the latest HIIT workout. A mind filled with a bunch of ideas. And I… Continue reading To Ponder or Be Present

Signs for Life 

"Each breath is a reminder of life but each breath doesn't mean you're alive."  Subtleness in every waking day leaves room for everyone to flourish. Flourish how? Within your own realm, whitin your own being. Take a look around, you'll see that everything is busy living but us; us the walking, reasoning spirits on this… Continue reading Signs for Life 


"I am not my emotions. I simply allow them to pass as I return to a state of being" When an emotion strikes you like lightening, Regroup. As it tries to cling onto your every move, to your every rhythm, Feel it rush through you like morphine of an addicted soul, and simply Regroup. It… Continue reading Regroup