Identifying as me

Hi. I’m Ashley, one of the many sides to LaurenAsh. I’m timid yet outgoing. Vulnerable yet aggressive. Submissive yet in control. I’m a bit%h and I often want things my way but most importantly I’m not afraid to be a woman!


I’ve never been a big label person BUT I just fell in love with this 2015 Pre-Fall look by Chanel. It also helps he’s hot! Check out the collection!


Exhale. I’d have to yes to this Garwood original: woodsy, simple elegance, chic sophistication that’s right on time. Perfect for the Andro.

Fly Feet

Your look is never complete if your feet aren’t dressed up! This simple accessory people fail to appreciate BUT socks can definitely add spice to your wardrobe. Not just any ol’ pair, make it fun!