What are you waiting for?

"Embrace now, what are you waiting for?"  You can die or you can live. You can complain or you can give thanks. You can go or you can stay. You can frown or you can smile. You can cry or you can laugh. The choice is always yours.


Rhythm & Blues

I understood her antipathy. For even in my vulnerable moments, I could hardly swallow my own words. And I knew she was different. But somehow the forgotten became the recalled and I blacked out to insecurity where breathing was merely a way of survival and not a way to regain focus. The cycle of cyclones… Continue reading Rhythm & Blues


And it stares me down, piercing my soul like fire from the breath of a dragon. Intimidated by the look of deceit that is standing upon me. All this time it had appeared otherworldly. Yet, present in the current realm I exist in. I thought it was uplifting me to a higher existence to a… Continue reading introspection

All that I can Say

All that I can say is words have power and they can be beautiful or displeasing. They can uplift you like elevation. They can put love into conversation. They can bring vivid focus from imagination. They can can turn 180 and leave you lost. They can defeat you mentally, energy exhaust. They can freeze your being,… Continue reading All that I can Say

Check, Check

When it strikes you like lightning, Reality, check, check. No, that's not a typo. The first check doesn't quite strike you hard enough until it strikes you once more. Do you see the light? The little bright beam that illuminates when you drift off into a daydream? Do you hear it? The crackling off the… Continue reading Check, Check

No Title

"...If only I could un-feel the uneasiness, the tension or strain would dissipate" What are moments of self-discovery? When you realize the true essence of day-by-day intricacies spun like webs? When the ego is challenged, which in turn leads to a blurred reflection of your right now? Your heartbeat becomes more rhythmic but it still… Continue reading No Title


There are times I'm not sure who the hell I am. Yet, as I sit here sipping on a Colombian roast, listening to Soulful Hip-Hop, there is no need to search. There is no confirmation needed. Nag Champa burns slowly and I inhale its essence connecting to my crown chakra. In a state of no… Continue reading Surrounding(s)