Run on sentence 

I plant seeds of growth..may my roots blossom under oath..may I reap what I sow and so forth..the bullshit I did it no longer afraid to admit it let me repent now so all is forgiven..try to stay driven.. when I’m speeding through life blind sided by the bumpers of today yet alone what may…

Identifying as me

Hi. I’m Ashley, one of the many sides to LaurenAsh. I’m timid yet outgoing. Vulnerable yet aggressive. Submissive yet in control. I’m a bit%h and I often want things my way but most importantly I’m not afraid to be a woman!

Gym Rat, that’s just who I Am

Alright. So…about a year ago I decided I was going to quit the gym and work out at home. Result…#FAIL. Reading health article after article, so many “experts” harped on how bad lifting was for your body. I had mixed feelings about this because as a former college athlete, I was always in the gym….