It’s not easy loving me 


Choose wisely 

I sat with my legs crossed and meditated to the words that parted your lips. Deep down, I wanted to scowl at you, grab your face until you left your reality and entered into mine.  Yet, you did not see me.  And it was then I knew I was merely a choice, past tense, but… Continue reading Choose wisely 

Could it be? 

When you finally feel like a woman, what is it? It cannot be the insecurity seeping into my heartbeat causing the rhythm to thump like a native drum echoing ancient tones.  This cannot be the bitter taste of jealousy relishing on my taste buds waiting for more.  This cannot be the rage I begin to… Continue reading Could it be? 

The Taste of Life

It was sweet like pie... Yet, sour like the cherries baked within. An impeccable flavor of life. The tasteful with that not so tasteful. It all comes in pairs, the good and the not so good. The flavors blend well when just the right amount has been added. Mixed as close to perfection as it can… Continue reading The Taste of Life

The Imperfect Life 

Life. Oh this precious fragment of illusionary time- The daily dose of good and wicked, the meek and powerful, the lack and abundance, the grateful and heedless, the growth and stagnation, the joy and pain, the sun and rain, life.  I am reminded of all of the above as I face one of the hardest… Continue reading The Imperfect Life 

Lucid Dreams

When I cross the finish line, It'll be clear that mother nature has run her course. Clairvoyance of the now, I can foresee. A vulnerable reality. For my meek heart only thinks in terms of accomplished disappointments. There's not enough ointment to heal these wounds, Mind buried in a tomb, Beautiful soul, ticking boom! Blahs. I… Continue reading Lucid Dreams


And it stares me down, piercing my soul like fire from the breath of a dragon. Intimidated by the look of deceit that is standing upon me. All this time it had appeared otherworldly. Yet, present in the current realm I exist in. I thought it was uplifting me to a higher existence to a… Continue reading introspection

The Art of Mistakes 

Use them as if they're life vests. They can either save you or cause you to drown. Which do you choose? To stay afloat or slowly drift to the bottom? Use them as if they're mothers. They can either love you or scold you. Which do you choose? To learn that love may be tough… Continue reading The Art of Mistakes