Internal dialogue

Ah what’s the point. You can do it. Blah blah. *Screams* I have a new business idea. Hmm…will it work? My account is overdrawn. How so? *Screams* Pizza sounds good. Who are you?  


Slow death like a flower in a drought.  Numbness like novacane.  Limp hands dangle out of desperation.  Heart beat slows, pulse drops. Mind endangered like species.  Growth like dwarfs, stunted.  360 back to here. 

Give and Give MoreĀ 

Give and take.  That’s a big part of what life is.  But don’t be surprised when it takes more than it gives and you’ve run out of stuff to give.  It is not measured by numbers but rather through actions. And through these actions we are replenished to give.  No longer waiting for what we…

A Poem

I seem to be caught in between a fairytale and reality.  Reality screams “Fairytales don’t exist!”  Fairytale shouts “Anything is possible!”  Torn.  I seem to be caught in between living and existing.  Living screams “You can’t exist unless you live!” Existing shouts “You can’t live without first recognizing you exist!” Torn. I seem to be…