Yes You Can

No matter what this day may bring you, accept it with open arms and scream out… “I can do this!”

I’m an Artist

The beauty of time and growth. A year ago today I released my debut single “Funny Feelings.” This was one of the happiest moments in my life! I wrote and produced the song that paved the way for my Debut EP- Forbidden Fruit which I released earlier this year. This artistic risk gave me a…

The power of BeEverydayGay

I woke up with a few things on my mind, some wonderful some not so great! We all know the feeling. My remedy: Cue my Morning Rejuvenation Mediation in my headphones, pack my gym bag and head out. I wasn’t too thrilled about the fact it was raining but when I got outside, it was…

We need more of You being You and Me being Me!

Make your own rules. Dare to be YOU!

Be alive, Be free, Be adventurous, Be loved, Be different, Be weird, Be involved, Be a go getter, Be you, BeEverydayGay!