It’s not easy loving me 


Rhythm & Blues

I understood her antipathy. For even in my vulnerable moments, I could hardly swallow my own words. And I knew she was different. But somehow the forgotten became the recalled and I blacked out to insecurity where breathing was merely a way of survival and not a way to regain focus. The cycle of cyclones… Continue reading Rhythm & Blues

In My Skin

I'm sorry  you don't like me. I never meant to offend anyone with my deeper tone or the fact I love a good pair of sneakers over 6 inch heels. I never meant to offend anyone with my stylish tie over a Dior after 5. I never meant to offend anyone with her beautiful smile… Continue reading In My Skin

The Test

I'm not sure what the day brings. Perhaps, its laughter, tears, lessons and enlightened moments. Either way it goes, steps will be taken, whether forward or backward is up to you. The essence is in your response. As much as you try to resist, those butterflies will keep flying high and proud within... Tickling your… Continue reading The Test

Feeling Free

I sat and listened to the birds mourn the morning. Constant songs that echoed across eons waiting for a return in harmony. I can smell the Frankincense tickling my spirit. And I can feel the vibrations of the outside day. Then my mind floats like a lily pad drifting upstream. My body absorbs the peace of… Continue reading Feeling Free

Under Construction

You saw a sign that said "Home for Sale." You parked your car and decided to give it a look. There is a lawn with little grass and a few weeds but one lone flower emerges from the soil. Entry-way highlighted by 100 watt bulbs that give light to dark rooms. Smells like fresh paint on… Continue reading Under Construction

A Sense of Calm

Peace stems from a sense a calm. A calm that transcends all understanding. The moment you release and let go, Peace sinks into your feet, into your body but most importantly... It sinks into your mind cultivating free flowing energy. Energy which creates power. Power which enables you to live.