In My Skin

I’m sorry  you don’t like me. I never meant to offend anyone with my deeper tone or the fact I love a good pair of sneakers over 6 inch heels. I never meant to offend anyone with my stylish tie over a Dior after 5. I never meant to offend anyone with her beautiful smile…

Run from the “Norm”

At times, we allow ourselves to get wrapped up in a world that is convoluted. Sucked into a whirlwind, constantly spinning in circles that always seem to come back to point A. Where is the real, the genuine progression? Does it even exist? Or are we simply creatures of habits that are killing us slowly?…

A List to Remember

Remember you are good enough. Remember you are already incredible. Remember you control your happiness- and you are happy! Remember positive energy flows through your being recycling by the min. Remember you can do anything and you will! Remember the universe is attracting abundance towards you. Remember you are grateful for all that you have…

My Debut with Curve

They say hard work, persistence and passion drive you to what you truly desire. A year later…my first blog post was published for Curve Magazine! Check it out and share your thoughts with me 🙂

Gym Rat, that’s just who I Am

Alright. So…about a year ago I decided I was going to quit the gym and work out at home. Result…#FAIL. Reading health article after article, so many “experts” harped on how bad lifting was for your body. I had mixed feelings about this because as a former college athlete, I was always in the gym….


Toronto is definitely a place of adventure. The food, culture, music; it’s all like visual art. Definitely a place everyone should visit. While you’re there, check out the Poetry Jazz Cafe.

Coffee on the GO

Go Go GO! That’s the way we’ve been forced to enjoy our Cup O’ Joe. What’s worst? Arriving to your local coffee shop and there’s only dairy options or soy to make matters worst. Neither work for me. Almond Milk, YES! We all need our coffee but you’re running behind for that 9:15 and Starbucks…