Moments of muse within the music and the reading. Yet, one lurks at a slight distance.  What is his muse I wonder. Does he feel the energy I do surrounding this day? Did he vibe to the sounds of the subway transporting thousands?  Did he adjust his neck tie for the perfect length? What…

Quite Dapper

Sophisticated and chic. To me, that’s the best way to dress up a special occasion. I’ve always been a fan of suspenders and pair it with a bow tie your look is always complete. Who said women can’t be handsome!


I’ve never been a big label person BUT I just fell in love with this 2015 Pre-Fall look by Chanel. It also helps he’s hot! Check out the collection!


Exhale. I’d have to yes to this Garwood original: woodsy, simple elegance, chic sophistication that’s right on time. Perfect for the Andro.

I’m FALLing for Fashion!

Fall is definitely here whether or not you want to accept it! There’s no point in getting your panties in a bunch because Winter is peaking nearby. Instead, EMBRACE Fall in all her grace. It’s time to break out the boots, sweaters and scarfs and the best part is dressing in layers. I like to…