Gratitude Gram 

Show some gratitude, ditch the attitude. 


In My Skin

I'm sorry  you don't like me. I never meant to offend anyone with my deeper tone or the fact I love a good pair of sneakers over 6 inch heels. I never meant to offend anyone with my stylish tie over a Dior after 5. I never meant to offend anyone with her beautiful smile… Continue reading In My Skin

All that I can Say

All that I can say is words have power and they can be beautiful or displeasing. They can uplift you like elevation. They can put love into conversation. They can bring vivid focus from imagination. They can can turn 180 and leave you lost. They can defeat you mentally, energy exhaust. They can freeze your being,… Continue reading All that I can Say

Every Little Step I Take

It was Saturday. I sat. I thought. I realized that life is not measured by the giant steps we make but every little step we take. As an over thinker, I tend to beat myself up for the "steps" I don't take. It's quite normal to be a person who sees the big picture. But as… Continue reading Every Little Step I Take

I forgave But I don’t have to forget

Have you ever heard of the saying "I can forgive but I don't have to forget?" I never quite understood the meaning behind this phrase until I was placed in a situation in which something had deeply affected me. I found myself holding on to anger and frustration that was something unbearable. I thought how… Continue reading I forgave But I don’t have to forget